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Community is of the utmost importance, place yourself around other like minded creatives with our daily programs. We can all benefit from sharing our talents and thoughts with one another. Our programs strive to be a space (both physical and virtual) to help make the sharing and knowledge of others more accessible. 



- Musicians Playground -

Music Mondays here at OBJX provides a space for all levels of musicians to take part in multiple programs to advance your skills or leave the space with an audio visual recording.


- Content Building - 

Are you in need of content for yourself or business? Have a project you need help with? Content Days at OBJX are here for you! We want creatives of all sorts to join us for a day of content creation. We provide a space for creatives to connect to work alone or alongside one another all while having the tools to create your content. What kind of tools do you ask? First and Foremost we provide you with a sense of community. You will be able to have conversations with other creatives to gain insight on your projects. We are there to help assist you with your creative direction. You are welcome to use the space to your advantage to take photos or videos to create the content you are looking for. For curated Content Days stay tuned for programs and happenings listed below.


- Movement - 

We all know how important movement is to our body and soul. Wednesdays are all about putting that into the spotlight and giving you the space to get loose and let it flow. This is a great day to join us if you are working on a new routine that needs some practice or a routine that needs to be captured. We hold space for you to vibe with others in the movement community to make connections and learn from one another. There are no limitations to what type of movement you can practice in our space, this is a call for all dancers, dance crews, yoga & fitness instructors and more to come out and move with us. 


- Artist Discipline - 

Art is essential to our lives. Thursdays are all about getting messy and letting yourself get creative in ways you are familiar with or completely new practices you’ve been wanting to try out. Art ‘N Texture will provide you with the basic creation tools you need but don’t hesitate to bring your own supplies and post up in the space to create, document what you are working on or create content of your finished pieces for your portfolio and other uses.


- Brand Away - 

Bring your team out for a day of Art & Branding. Hold a team meeting in OBJX’s lounge area,  then utilize your time executing your creative ideas. Develop your brand's identity and presence in our space with access to flay lay backdrops for product photography, a button maker, and a space to create all the content you need. This day is all about strategizing and developing your brand in different creative ways.