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A Sneak Peak: Music Videos at OBJX Studio

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

This week, I had the pleasure of watching the making of Sangha's new music video for GUCCI GABRU.

I’m obsessed with this song:

I haven’t stopped watching this since it premiered on YouTube six days ago. I must have watched it 20 times now.

Let me start at the beginning. I’ve been interning at OBJX Studio now for almost two months and while checking out the website before starting, I noticed many music videos had been filmed here. Since I started, there have been events like a gala, photoshoots and of course, Sunday Sessions.

Two weeks ago, the opportunity to see artistic vision come to life. I arrived at the space and was greeted by Bodeen; we chatted a little and she mentioned there was a booking coming in. I headed up to my little perch area and got to work.

Around 2PM I started to hear the hustle and rustling of the crew and performers coming in. By 2:30 or so, choreography was being practiced and I heard the first strains of that addictive song. At first, I didn’t think about what was happening. Then I realized a music video is being filmed because the song kept repeating.

After the third or fourth time, I realize I like the song, a lot! I actually didn’t want it to stop playing.

Due to the fact I don't understand the language, it sounded to me like a prayer chant. It is only after seeing the video I realize how danceable the song is. The next thing I noticed was the singer’s beautiful and smooth voice. I was up there grooving along. Admittedly, I’m not sure how much work I got done.

An amazing thing I realized is how quiet the crew and performers were. It was a peaceful and easy vibing set, I felt it when I went down to the bathroom too and run into the singer. He is as you expect him to be: tall, handsome, and lovely. I was gushing about the song and his voice; the director is beside him and says I have a lovely voice too. I think this is very nice and thanked him, then turn back to Sangha. He kindly tells me his name, spelling it for me and how to find him on Instagram. In another instant, he is gone. Starboy’s banging production is the final part that makes this song unforgettable.

Everyone around, the crew and performers are polite and respectful and they left the studio on time. Ever since, I have been waiting for the video to drop so I might watch it. Sangha announced it four days before it dropped. It has been out for six days now, has 450K views, and is #10 on Trending for music. I admit it again, I’m one of those who have it on repeat. I double-double dare you to watch it only once 😊.

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