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In Her Own Words: Sofia Aëdon’s Emotional Journey with her new single: “Cigarette”

Concert photographer: Betty Wang (@bbbbb.x97)

Sofia Aëdon’s “Cigarette” captures the essence of a turbulent almost-romance poisoned by addiction. Her lyrics stem from her personal pain of watching someone she once had a deep connection with struggle to quit smoking, breaking his cigarettes in frustration. Sofia would smoke in front of him, her actions silently screaming ‘see what you made me do’, as a way to mirror back the impact of his habit, highlighting the complex interplay of care and addiction in their tumultuous relationship.

“It hurt when he would go through an entire pack in front of me. I would swipe cigarettes from him from behind and snap them in half. It was hard for him to quit, so I would threaten to smoke in front of him to make it harder for him to keep smoking.”

Now ready to release “Cigarette” as a single, Aëdon is balancing the excitement with the challenge of juggling school and her musical aspirations. Yet, her dedication remains unwavering, evidenced by the connection she made with Aaron from Starbenders, which has significantly advanced her musical journey.

The artist’s growth is evident from her early piano lessons at age seven to her current multi-instrumental talents, inspired by the likes of Queen, Cream, and Hendrix. Aëdon, who mostly writes from experience, finds playful creativity when composing with her band, Plastic Valley, which is currently seeking a drummer. However, her personal songs remain intimate, often starting as poetry before transforming into music.

Her influences include Hozier, for his soulful poetry and direct emotion, Declan McKenna, whom she emulates in playfulness, and King Gizzard. She brings her own unique twist to their styles, creating a sound that’s authentically Sofia.

Concert photographer: Betty Wang (@bbbbb.x97)

Onstage, Aëdon's presence is an alchemy of adrenaline and rhythmic foot taps, a physical embodiment of her connection to music and audience. Her performances at local festivals like Grounders are windows into her soul, designed to share authentic experiences with a crowd that can feel the sting of every snapped cigarette.

With a passion for witchcraft and Greek mythology, Aëdon weaves these elements into her music, making each performance an enchanting experience. She likens her role in Plastic Valley to Paul McCartney’s with The Beatles, essential and rhythmically driven, yet with a chance to stand out.
“It’s funny because I did not expect to play bass in this band. I really like bass and would like to continue. I feel like I am the rhythm of the band so I like how I’m essential. I have fun but I can also stand out on bass. If Paul McCartney can do it, so can I.”
In her own words, Sofia hopes her audience feels the authenticity and genuine emotion she brings to her music, especially with songs like “Cigarette.” As she steps forward in her career, her story continues to unfold like the ancient myths she cherishes, her music a spellbinding narrative of her life’s journey.

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