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Sunday Sessions [11-05-2023]




Welcome back!

Our weekly open mic for musicians and performers to collaborate through performance and jam.

Sign-up begins at 7:00 and we keep jamming until midnight. This November 5th, as the clock strikes the appointed hour, a mere $10 cover opens the gateway to an evening of musical enchantment and soulful performances.

Tonight’s event was hosted by BitterxBroke, consisting of three members Yoshi, Aaron and Jay.

At OBJX, we are dedicated to cultivating the artistry of our patrons. We now offer memberships, so you can get the most of what this dynamic studio has to offer!

For $40 monthly, our COWORK.MBRSHP allows you to co-work with fellow members in our shared Cafe Space, free access to Sunday Sessions and Wellness Wednesdays, 10% off of studio bookings, and more...

For more information on our Co-work membership, and more memberships available through OBJX Studio, click the link below:

Lights, camera, action!

Did you know? All performances at OBJX Studio are captured by our audio/visual team providing a high quality performance video that artists can take home with them for only $50! Seeing as how studio, lights, cameras, and a band are all included that is quite a steal!


If you are interested in purchasing your performance video please reach out to us via Instagram @objx.studio with your performance date, time stamp of your performance, and your email.


Sun Laps


Inspiring the crowd with two originals, Sun Laps plays "Pay Grade" and "Sanctuary."

Tonight, I asked our performers about their pre-show rituals. Sun Laps notes the importance of eating before a show. Nutrition is always of utmost importance. Anxiety tends to live in our guts, so the better-fed you are, the better you will perform.

Our question of the night is: What have you accomplished in the past year you are proud of?
Reflecting on the year, Sun Laps is proud of the bounds he’s made in music. Being able to hone in on his skills, he finally has material to work on and release.


Peace Spice


Performing next, Peace Spice brings back his classics after a rejuvenating vacation. He played two originals, "Pictures of You" and "No One Will Remember.” Peace Spice has been a frequent member at our Sunday Sessions, and he was actually recommended to this place by me! His music and vibes fit well in our space, and I’m always glad to see him.

Thinking about pre-show rituals, Peace Spice recognizes that even the act of performing can be helpful for the day of the show. He shares a time that he went to a cottage and played his music by a bonfire with friends. When it comes to the actual performance, sunglasses are a must.

Peace Spice denies his accomplishments of this year, although he has many. He calls 2023 a year of embarrassment. He shares that from his perspective, embarrassment leads to success, and pressure to succeed. While I encourage him to reflect and embrace his accomplishments, I understand the drive to do more.


Boi Blew


Performing his originals “Fall Down” and “Be Alright,” Boi Blew takes the stage. His first encounter with OBJX was back in 2021, where his friends encouraged him to come see the space. Immediately, he was inspired by the design and homely vibes that come out of the studio.

His pre-show rituals include practicing in a mirror and lighting a joint to set his mindset for the big moment.

Reflecting on this past year, Boi Blew notes the strides he’s made so far as his on-stage presence, but notes that he has a lot more progress to make in that regard. He also notes working on the self, something he deems as a constantly evolving process.




Playing her own pieces for the first time at OBJX studio, Jaisy serenades us with "Love Letters" and "Too Sweet." Both originals, you can find Love Letters on every streaming platform, with Too Sweet being released next month. She was introduced to the studio by her friends who come by often.

Jaisy takes her pre-show rituals as an opportunity to stretch her voice, and remind her of her strong ability as an artist. She reveals that she always gets nervous, so it’s important to be reminded of how she’s performed well in the past.

When reflecting on this past year, Jaisy finds the release of her song Love Letters to be of particular note. She found that in the past there were a lot of barriers, and she didn’t have the confidence she’s found in the past year to share her art. As a fan, I am overjoyed she has found her voice and the confidence to share it with us.




For her very first time at objx studio, Sherry performed her recent release "For The Rest of Time" and "Puzzle" to be released soon. After six years of holding “The Rest of Time,” Sherry feels her biggest accomplishment is sharing this song with the world.

Sherry’s pre-show ritual completely immerses herself in the music. She starts out by practicing the song on repeat, then reflecting on the song’s original meaning. For The Rest of Time, for instance, was actually inspired by the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Miss Havisham is clinging to her past love, stopping the clocks in her home and always wearing a wedding dress. Her song tells the story of not being able to move on from the love she once had.




Coming back after a short break to focus on his music, AxR performed his songs "Her Twin Sister" and "Slipping" with a special feature from Hibernation, the rapper and sound engineer at objx. AxR’s first experience with our studio was a couple years ago, when his friends asked him to join them for an open mic at Open Concepts.

His pre-show ritual involves smoking as soon as he gets to the venue, then coming down enough to perform. He finds this practice elevates him, and he is more confident in his performance.

Axr’s greatest accomplishment this year was selling out his show in October, and releasing his album Breakup Marathon. Axr is dedicated to his craft, and you can feel the excitement vibrate through the studio as he sings.




I was ecstatic to have the moment to speak with Aaron, who is often too focused on hosting to do an interview. BitterxBroke are by far my favorite band in Toronto, and they stand behind a really meaningful message. Their goal as artists and hosts is to build up the musicians around them, watching them develop and hone in on their craft. Their team has been incredibly supportive on my journey, and I’ve always valued Aaron’s input.

To fully understand Aaron’s connection to the studio, we have to go back three or so years ago, when the studio was just starting out. He was introduced to Ben, the owner of our studio, through his hairdresser during the pandemic. He started helping out the studio, then soon the team developed Sunday Sessions. Since then, it has built out exponentially, and Aaron has been along for the whole ride.

Aaron shares that his pre-show ritual requires getting sufficient rest before a performance. He describes Sunday Sessions as a reset for him, “like taking out the battery and resetting.” We both agree that Sunday Sessions has a spiritual, church-like aspect to it. No matter how your week has been or the state of the world, Sunday Sessions is a place to rejoice and celebrate with the community.

Aaron is proud to share this year’s accomplishment “being able to sustain this lifestyle.” There were many years the band struggled starting out. But now, being able to perform weekly shows, actually make rent, and build outward, is extremely gratifying. He is grateful every day for the opportunity to live out what was once a dream to him.


Daniel Joe Armstrong


The night doesn’t end before Daniel Joe Armstrong takes the stage. Tonight he performed "Stay The Night," "When I Come Around" by Green Day and his original "Pencil." I am surprised to be reminded that Daniel only started coming to objx in June, as he’s become such an integral part of each Sunday evening. His first experience was a memorable one, because he got out of his “shell” and performed his original song in front of an audience.

Daniel’s pre-show ritual is simple. He tunes up his guitar and voice, then practices what he’s prepared to perform.

Looking back, Daniel has a lot to feel accomplished with. First, he mentioned the singing lessons he’s received from Brook and Nicole, that have helped him to gain confidence in his singing. Then, he had his first paid gig at TIFF, as well as writing, recording, and releasing his song “Nosebleed Section” to YouTube.
And with that, another night at Sunday Sessions has come to close!

Thank you to everyone who come out. Stay fresh and well.
We'll see you next week!

Love always,


Blog written by Claire Stacey

Photographed by Alexia

Event curated by Vini

Live Band by Bitter&Broke

Founded by Ben Bonnici


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