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Sunday Sessions [2023-10-01]




Welcome back to Sunday Sessions, our weekly open mic and jam at OBJX Studio. Hosted tonight with Bodeen and BitterxBroke; Sunday Sessions is a home to performers who can expand their artistry through performance and jamming. Sign-up begins at 7pm sharp and we keep grooving until midnight.

At OBJX, we are dedicated to cultivating the artistry of our patrons. We now offer memberships, so you can get the most of what this dynamic studio has to offer!

For $40 monthly, our COWORK.MBRSHP allows you to co-work with fellow members in our shared Café space, free access to Sunday Sessions and Wellness Wednesdays, 10% off studio bookings, and more...

For more information on our Co-work membership, and more memberships available through OBJX Studio, click the link below:

Lights, camera, action!

Did you know? All performances at OBJX Studio are captured by our audio/visual team providing a high quality performance video that artists can take home with them for only $50! Seeing as how studio, lights, cameras, and a band are all included that is quite a steal!




If you are interested in purchasing your performance video please reach out to us via Instagram @objx.studio with your performance date, time stamp of your performance, and your email.


Tonight's blog and interviews were curated by Daniel Joe Armstrong.





Sylas rocked it recently with his songs “Energy” and “Clouds,” showing everyone what he’s got. After the show, we got to talk a bit. Sylas is really thankful for his partner who’s been a big help, always there with understanding and support. It’s clear this means a lot to him.

When it comes to making music, Sylas is all about the final product. He loves seeing everything come together after a lot of hard work, especially when he’s working with his team and they’re all on the same page. It’s about making cool music with cool people. For Sylas, it’s not just about the song at the end, but the fun of making it with friends, turning it into a shared adventure filled with good tunes.




Marcelo’s recent gig was a treat, with “Beijo Sem” and “As Rosas Nao Falam” really hitting the sweet spots. The crowd was all ears, riding the wave of emotions his tunes stirred up. But the magic doesn’t just happen; behind the scenes, Marcelo spills that songwriting can sometimes feel like hitting a wall, especially with the dreaded writer’s block lurking around.

But oh, when he gets past that wall, that’s when the fun begins! Marcelo loves the part where he’s in the groove and ideas start pouring out naturally. It’s like the middle part of writing where the magic happens, he says. Everything just flows and the music comes to life effortlessly. That’s the spot he digs, where it’s just him, his music, and a stream of ideas flowing smoother than a calm river.


Saad, Rula, Rima & Sara

@saadqureshi87, @rula._.k & @rimail7375

Saad and his pals, Rima, Rula, and Sara, rocked the stage with a mix of cool tunes. They kicked off with Bob Dylan’s “Kansas City,” followed by a heart-tugging “Love Gone Wrong” by You + Me, with Saad and Rima nailing the feels. The energy pumped up with “Free” by Florence and the Machine, and hit a high with “Puppet” by Faouzi. It was clear; these guys love making music together.

After the show, they shared what they love about jamming together. Saad’s not into going solo; he loves teaming up to make music. Rula digs the group vibe too, especially when they push each other to try new stuff. Rima gets a kick out of the cool sounds and surprises that pop up when they’re jamming. And for Sara, it’s all about challenging each other, working together, and finding out what she can do. It’s like one big musical adventure where they’re all discovering new tunes and having a blast together.


Peace Spice


Peace Spice lit up the scene with their own tracks, “Picture of You” and “Together We are One”. The duo, Rodion and Alex, really got the crowd feeling the beats.

After the show, we chatted about what fires up their song-making magic. Rodion’s a bit of a wild card, saying a bit of the wild stuff (drugs) gets his creative wheels turning. Alex, however, digs the final part when the song is all wrapped up, especially when he’s penned down the last word of the lyrics. So, while Rodion dives into the wild to find his muse, Alex gets his kick seeing the finished tune, ready to hit the ears of their fans.


Las Empanadas Mas Ricas

No Sunday Sessions is complete without the presence of our beloved vendor, Eva! For over a month now, she has been delighting our enthusiastic crowd with her culinary creations well into the evening. Offering an array of delectable flavors including pulled pork, chicken, beef, cheese, and lactose-free options, Eva ensures there's a delightful empanada to satisfy every palate.

Her journey in the empanada business began in July of last year, initially taking personal orders before swiftly expanding to cater events and handle larger orders. Eva has become a cherished weekly vendor, a fixture not only at OBJX's Sunday Sessions but also at Open Concepts every Tuesday.

For more information about these empanadas, visit her Instagram page at @lasempanadasmasricas




With the strums of “Kissing in the Car” and “Scarlett Lipstick,” he shared bits of his life through music. Each song seemed to have a personal touch, making the performance feel cozy and real.

After the gig, he shared a cute little secret. The first fans to hear any new song idea? His young cousins, who are 8 and 10. Despite their age, these kiddos have a lot to say about music and aren’t shy to share their thoughts. They’re the honest little critics who help make sure only the good stuff gets through. It’s all about keeping it real and making music from the heart. With a spark of motivation from youthful honesty, the journey from a song idea to a finished track feels all the more special.




When Bodeen took the stage and the tunes of “Forbidden” and “Hallucinations” filled the air, the audience was instantly captivated. Her original tracks carried a unique blend of emotions that resonated with every heart in the room.

Behind the scenes, Bodeen shares a heartwarming source of inspiration - her parents. Their love and support are her everyday fuel, something she’d sorely miss if it weren’t there. When it comes to her favorite part of the music-making process, it’s all about that exhilarating moment when she gets to release a new song. For Bodeen, releasing a song is like sharing a piece of her soul with the world, a moment made even sweeter with her parents standing firmly by her side.


Arseniy Podvalniy


As the night darkened, Arseniy Podvalniy lit up the scene with his entrancing fire dance. The dance, named “Fire Dance,” wasn’t just a performance, but a blazing display of his journey towards authenticity. Each twirl of fire was like a narrative, enthralling the audience with a visual story that sparkled against the night sky.

Off the stage, Arseniy opened up about what fuels his dance. For him, it’s all about aligning with his true self, peeling away the layers that don’t resonate with his core. This process of filtering and shedding the unauthentic helps him discover a rhythm that’s purely his own. Each movement in his fire dance is a testament to this journey of self-discovery, creating not just a visual spectacle, but an expression of Arseniy’s path towards authenticity.




As B1GJuice hit the stage, the crowd got a taste of his vibrant energy through the tracks “Homecoming” and “LEFTRIGHT.” Each beat and verse seemed to resonate with a blend of life experiences and a unique rhythm that got everyone moving.

Behind the music, B1GJuice shares a heartwarming source of inspiration - his son. The little one brightens even the gloomiest days with his infectious energy and joy. When it comes to crafting his tunes, B1GJuice loves the phase of brainstorming melodies. It’s during these creative sessions that the magic happens, stirring up a mix of emotions that eventually find their way into his music. With the love for his son fueling his passion and the thrill of creating new melodies, B1GJuice’s music is a beautiful blend of personal love and creative zeal.




When DOKTOR strummed the first chords of his acoustic set, the room immediately tuned into his unique vibe. Through his two acoustic pieces, he shared a world of emotions, each string resonating with the hearts of the audience.

Off-stage, DOKTOR carries a cool, self-assured persona, crediting himself as the source of his inspiration because, well, he’s cool like that :D. He resonates with James Hetfield’s quote about music being a way to communicate with others. For DOKTOR, the creative process is about taking the whirlpool of thoughts and molding them into an expressive form. It’s the art of creating something meaningful out of nothing that drives him. Each strum, each lyric, is a step towards sharing a piece of his world, making his acoustic sessions not just a musical performance, but a conversation between his heartstrings and the audience.



When Rob stepped on stage with his guitar, there was a kind of electric anticipation in the air. As he delved into his improvisational guitar set, the audience got a taste of his spontaneous creativity, each riff telling a story, each strum invoking an emotion.

Offstage, Rob’s as candid as his guitar riffs. When asked about who he’s grateful for, he goes with everyone, saying picking just one person doesn’t quite cut it. Now, onto the fuel behind his music - it’s all about sharing the vibe with others. And yeah, he mentions cigarettes and alcohol, cheekily adding in drugs but with a quick ‘don’t do those.’ But if you do, he advises, do it smartly. With a mix of humor, a love for sharing his music, and a bit of a wild side, Rob’s guitar sessions are more than just tunes; they’re a reflection of life’s improvisations, raw and real.


Daniel Joe Armstrong


Daniel Joe Armstrong recently had a cool jam session at OBJX Studio where he played a sweet cover of "Free My Mind" by Katrina Anastasia and his own tune "TMHYA". When we asked him about folks who have his back, he gave a big shout out to his parents for always cheering him on, and his vocal coach Nicole for keeping him fired up. They've been like his personal cheer squad, helping him hit the high notes, both in music and in life.

Talking about what gets his creative juices flowing, Daniel shared that he digs writing lyrics and shuffling verses around to see what sounds awesome. It's like putting together a musical puzzle for him, where every piece is a word or a line that needs to find its right spot. He finds it super cool to see how changing up the words and verses can make a song feel different. At OBJX Studio, he got to share his love for making music and showed us how fun and rewarding the creative ride can be.


Peter Loveland


Peter Loveland recently hit the stage with his songs “Death to the Dictator” and “Kundalini,” sharing his tunes and tales. He spoke warmly about his singing teacher, who gave him honest advice and helped him improve his singing chops. It’s clear that this teacher meant a lot to Peter, helping him grow into the musician he is now.

When it came to talking about making music, Peter couldn’t hide his excitement. He loves all of it—the hard work, staying up late tweaking tunes, and sharing his creations with people. Even when it’s tough, Peter enjoys the process. He sees every step, every late night, and every shared song as a part of a rewarding adventure in music. Through the ups and downs, Peter’s musical journey is all about enjoying the ride and sharing his passion with others.




Styles shared his tune “Never Wanna Say Goodbye,” showing off his cool way of making melodies that stick with you. Styles really likes making catchy melodies. He finds it fun to create tunes that people can easily remember and hum along with. It’s all about hitting the right notes that make a song fun to listen to and easy to remember.

The magic in music for Styles is all in the melody. He enjoys playing around with different tunes until he finds something that’s just right. His song “Never Wanna Say Goodbye” is a great example of what Styles loves to do—creating a melody that grabs you and doesn’t let go. It’s clear that for Styles, a catchy tune is more than just a bunch of notes; it’s a way to connect with people and give them something fun to carry with them.




Remmorii recently shared his original hip-hop stuff with us, and it’s clear he’s got a knack for rhythm and beats. He’s also got a lot of love for his mom, whose hospitality he says has helped shape his journey. It’s cool how family can have your back and push you towards doing what you love.

When it comes to making music, Remmorii loves what he calls the “intuitive download.” It sounds like that’s his way of describing when inspiration just hits and the music flows naturally. It’s about catching that wave of creativity and riding it into a cool new track. Between the support from his mom and the cool way he taps into his musical instincts, Remmorii’s got a unique beat going on in the hip-hop scene.


Chris Hassell


Chris Hassell recently danced to Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” and wow, it was cool to watch! After the show, we chatted a bit and Chris was quick to mention his cat. She’s been with him through all the ups and downs, showing that sometimes, a pet can be a person’s best cheerleader.

When it comes to dancing, Chris is all in. He talked about how the hard work, the sweat, and yes, sometimes tears, are what help him get better. He believes that you gotta step out of your comfort zone to grow, and that’s what he does with his dance. His story’s a neat mix of loving what you do, working hard at it, and having a furry friend to come home to after a long day of dancing and dreaming big.


Thank you to everyone that came out, we’ll see you next Sunday!

Love always,


Blog written by Daniel Joe Armstrong

Photographed by Claire Stacey

Event curated by Vini & Bodeen

Live Band by Bitter&Broke

Founded by Ben Bonnici


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