We have a large industrial unit that we have broken down into multiple beautiful, functional spaces available for you to create your magic. 

You can book one space, multiple spaces, or the entire unit - it is entirely up to your production and style needs.



At this time, we can only accept payment by credit card only. No Visa Debit.

Our space is meant to be updated throughout the year which means that we cannot guarantee sets, room designs and props on your booking date. We have a strict no cancellation policy. We do not offer refunds, credit bookings only.

We would prefer to book less than 3 months in advance, however, we are able to confirm your booking as soon as possible.

Also, if you are only booking one space, there is a chance that another booking will be taking place in another area simultaneously. If you have specific needs for audio recording, have a production of 10+ people or any other special requests around prop availability please reach out via email —

We will try our best to accommodate your requests.


Tues-Thur 11AM-8PM

Fri 11AM-9PM

Sat-Sun 1PM-5PM

Outside of these hours there is an additional charge of $50/hr on any booking