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apply to become one of the first to become featured on a OBJX prjx tv. network

we want to give everyone the best chance to get our full attention, we think this is how we can make it easier so we know what your looking for and you know what we can provide.

We are creating content series! what is a content series?

its basically what we do everyday on our social platforms but with some structure. We have been prerecording or shows that feature the behind the scenes of the artist but with that we want to film you creating your show here at OBJX. What is that show?? well thats your opportunity to tell us by uploading a bio of your pitch. Be sure to tell us where to get in-touch with you!

what are some ideas? here are some examples of what we have been created!

-live music recording "Audio&Visual"
-short films
-content creation
-diy & How to videos
-cooking show
-performance arts


Keep it simple, 1-5min phone recording on what you do and how you see it as a show

take a screen shot of your information & upload it with your file

got that content?!

Upload It

if this didn't work for you please send us an email to

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