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OBJX is the love child of a standard photo studio, a coworking space, and a really great cafe. With a collective 15 years in the industry, we personally know the struggle of finding unique spaces to create fresh content regularly, fighting for outlets at a cafe, and not having the resources to create a set from scratch for every shoot. 

Bringing together private studio rooms, casual open sets, and smaller textured areas in a beautiful naturally lit historic building. We have created a space that is accessible for a little or a long time - and is not just limited to photographers. Digital marketing, content creation, influencers, photographers, small business owners and video production are all welcome to come together and create! 

Our building is breathtaking, our business is a useful idea, but our community is where our heart is! Bringing together our people to inspire, connect, and watch them grow their crafts are our real driving force. We hope you find your home here!