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Sunday Sessions [2023-09-17]




As the many mirrors displayed around OBJX Studio, tonight is a night about reflection. When you think back, what do you see projected onto you? We are all on a constant axis of transition, and so long as you ride the waves, you will enjoy the changes to come.

Autumn is a time of change and shedding. We take record of all that has come before us, and hold closely what is dear for the future.

Sign-up begins at 7pm sharp and we keep jamming until midnight. Every Sunday evening, a mere $10 cover opens the gateway to musical enchantment.

At OBJX, we are dedicated to cultivating the artistry of our patrons. We now offer memberships, so you can get the most of what this dynamic studio has to offer!

For $40 monthly, our COWORK.MBRSHP allows you to co-work with fellow members in our shared Café space, free access to Sunday Sessions and Wellness Wednesdays, 10% off studio bookings, and more...

For more information on our Co-work membership, and more memberships available through OBJX Studio, click the link below:

Lights, camera, action!

Did you know? All performances at OBJX Studio are captured by our audio/visual team providing a high quality performance video that artists can take home with them for only $50! Seeing as how studio, lights, cameras, and a band are all included that is quite a steal!




If you are interested in purchasing your performance video please reach out to us via Instagram @objx.studio with your performance date, time stamp of your performance, and your email.



~Find Claire throughout the night to have your performance featured in our blog~


Akaash Money


With an air of positivity and light, Akaash Money is the first to perform for us tonight. Playing his original tracks, a soon to be produced freestyle “Rejection is Protection” and a released song on all platforms entitled “Stay For Me.” Akaash finds that the message he relays through his music is acceptance. By writing about a topic, he has healed from what once hurt him and transformed it into music.

Suggested by Vini, tonight’s blog prompt asks our performers to reflect back, to “Tell me about a time one door closed for you that opened the window to new opportunity”.

Akaash recalls a time this year that "I had the opportunity to work with a well-known producer, DarkChild”, represented through his manager. Money found that as an artist, he struggled to represent himself effectively, and he ended up losing the deal. He does not regret this experience as it taught him that not every opportunity is necessarily the right one. “It made me value the people who truly support me and the importance of being selective, finding my niche, and understanding what's truly meant for me.” He also highlighted the importance of engaging with other artists and managers, so he can further understand how to connect with larger producers and labels.


Peace Spice


With their shades on, and good vibrations in toe, Peace Spice and his band take over the stage. Performing tonight: "No One Will Remember" and "Eternal Damnation."

When asked what emotion Peace Spice hopes to evoke through his music, he answers for the band:

“I wish that it would make people horny but it just makes them sad.” Which is by a landslide the funniest response of the night.

When asked about a window of opportunity, Peace Spice revealed that he originally pursued the path of Broadcast Journalism. Instead, he decided to follow his passion for music. He realized that channeling creativity through music was a more fulfilling path for him, especially given the opportunity to share with others and garner a crowd.

Outside the doors of OBJX Studio, Peace Spice is hosting an event on Friday, October 6th, in collaboration with Katrina Anastasia, UNITY, Bite, and Claire Stacey. If you are looking for a space to connect with fellow artists, jam, and make memories, join us at Tail of The Junction at 8pm. Hope to see you there!




With his new song “Scarlett Lipstick” released on September 22nd, Raamel joins the stage to perform this gem and build anticipation. He also performs a released track entitled “Kissing In The Car.” Raamel hopes to evoke love through his music: “Love. Angry love, passionate love, and wonderful love.”

Raamel recalls a time he overcame doubts within his journey of the music industry. For years, he was working with a producer that made him doubt his songs and skillset by not prioritizing him and putting up red tape to most of the songs he wanted to release. One day, he was performing at a wedding and became overwhelmed by the audience interested in his music and releases. Raamel then made the decision to pursue a new producer, and has been overwhelmed with joy at the results.

The lesson here is: find the team that supports you, who believe in you as an artist and song-writer. Together, you can build something worthwhile, and they will build you up along the way.


Sunny Stone


Next up on stage, Sunny Stone joins us to perform “End To My Love,” out on all platforms. He finds that he evokes revolution, healing, and triumph through his music. By healing through his own pain and experiences, he finds a way to help others mend, too.


Evan Taylor


Joining us tonight, a new and warmly welcomed member of our team at OBJX studio, Evan Taylor. He performs a cover by Frank Turner entitled "Plain Sailing Weather" and an eloquently sentimental original "Lonely Life." His presence on stage is natural, as he soothes the audience with his words. The stage isn’t new for Evan, he even has an open stage of his own that runs out of his house called The Bunker. If you’d like to perform, or are interested in hearing more, follow his account @thebunker.to .

When reflecting on what emotions his music conveys, Taylor shares this:

“Well I guess love, right? That’s kind of it. It’s either me loving music, or it’s me writing music about love or absence of love, or love being taken away… I feel like everything sort of boils down to love.”

The story behind the opening of The Bunker is truly serendipitous, a true testament to tonight’s prompt: behind every closed door is an open window. Evan was a piano mover for several years and, even after quitting, many friends and colleagues considered him a key expert. Surely enough, “one of my coworkers hit me up and said "I have a free piano, come move it for me" and of course that's my job as a piano mover, apparently” (At this point, he had been out of the business for four years). By some luck, the space he moved the piano out of was the perfect space to open his business. He’s been running The Bunker ever since.


Daniel Joe Armstrong


A local OBJX celebrity, Daniel Joe Armstrong performs two covers by The Story So Far, "Smile" and "Nerve." The audience is constantly thrilled to see Daniel, and we can attribute this to his unrelenting desire to share in nostalgia with us. Reigniting love for songs we used to sing in the car to, Daniel has a special talent of reliving these moments and giving these songs new life. Another word he used is “turmoil,” his covers and music meant to stir emotion to his listeners.




A natural freestyler, K-T3 immediately felt comfort on our stage during intermission. Joining some friends tonight, he performed “Wallahi” with OMV released on all platforms and "Million Maker" made by him and Tiwo VBS, to be released by the end of this year.

K-T3 has overcome many trials in the music industry. Starting out young, he lamented his passion for music and his mother connected him to a well-known producer in the Nigerian industry. The connect was very impressed with his music, and pushed K-T3 to start a 3 month campaign for 33k upfront. A second-year international university student, K-T3 was faced with a decision: continue with his academic career, or invest his family’s money into this opportunity. His parents eventually decided that his education took precedence and, defeated, it was years before K-T3’s passion for music was reignited.

It was his friends and community that motivated him to release his album, Spirited Away in 2022. His album is based on Scarface, aligning himself with him in the sense that he too was moved from his home and moved to charter his own path. The album did really well, and he has been actively involved in the industry ever since. K-T3 resolved that “rejection is a part of the process,” Without loss and adversity, “there is no story to your name.”


Ray Tang


For the first time on our stage, Ray Tang performs two of his original songs, "Someone Not Like You" and "For Your Love." Going through shifts of his own, Ray finds that writing music is the sole way he can express exactly how he feels. Despite his efforts to understand himself in new ways, he finds that he still resonates with the music he was making years ago.

It all comes back to the same confusion; the push and pull of love and loss. The journey of betterment can be a lonely one, your efforts can truly only be felt by you. No matter the books you read, podcasts you binge-listen to, spiritual proverbs you emanate; they can only help us to realize and take hold of ourselves. When we can internalize that love and hold true, those sentiments can be felt outward and into the future. We can not change the past, but there is always new opportunity knocking, we just have to be willing to unlock the door.


Claire Stacey


Back again, Claire Stacey performs a cover by Charlotte Cardin “Jim Carrey” and her first written original, “Divine.” Through her music, Claire hopes to evoke love and insight, helping listeners to reconsider ideologies they may not have even consciously realized. Her song “Divine” comes from her journey of love and loss; realizing that she was ruminating over situations and people that were overall impactful to have along her journey. Her first line, “Some people a blessing, some just a lesson,” expands to “the most impactful people are both.” She has learned how to honor the experience and through pain, realize the many lessons she can carry with her now.

This year has been a reflective journey. “As an artist, we’re all familiar with closed doors. Luckily, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. As a music manager, I’ve had opportunities to help other artists slip through my fingers simply because I didn’t have the time to invest in them, but it opened me up to richer relationships with multi-faceted musicians that understand the endeavor of balancing many skill sets. As it pertains to writing, I had struggled to make my mark for years. After leaving university for English Literature, I felt drained and defeated. Writing was a constant, but the passion had faded into bitterness. It was music that brought me back to writing, and music that brought me to OBJX, where I am now the writer and editor of blogs in our community. I’ve learned in full over the past few months: not every opportunity is meant for you. Not every person, as much as you love them, is meant for you. Learn to respect the journey, lean into the ebbs and flows. As long as you’re moving in the direction that ignites you, every loss offers an open door.”


Rose Shiku


Everyone was completely enamored by Rose’s tear-jerking performance of "Happier Than Ever" by Billie Eilish and her original "Make It Better," released on all platforms. Accurately, Rose yearns to evoke hope and healing through her written work. Indeed, her music is an invitation to heal and process, making Rose a moving addition to this week’s line-up.

Rose has faced closed doors of her own this year. Within the music industry, she applied for a highly-anticipated program, and was gutted to find she hadn’t been accepted. “It made me sad and insecure about my music,” she disclosed. Since then, she has found a rich community that loves and encourages her musical growth, and I was beyond elated to find her at our studio. She tells me now she is grateful, and has found so much abundance since.


Elina Starz


I was incredibly grateful tonight to have the opportunity to interview Elina Starz. Being an avid member for over a year at the studio, Elina performs "Renegade" by One ok Rock. Elina finds her true joy on stage, and is an energetic and skillful participant of our jam sessions. She finds that music is an open expression for her emotions; sadness, anger, happiness, it encompasses everything.

For Elina, Sunday Sessions is more than just an open mic, it is a home, a reset for the turmoil that life offers, and a reminder that all is well.


Thank you to everyone that came out, we’ll see you next Sunday!

Love always,


Blog written by Claire Stacey

Photographed by Claire Stacey

Event curated by Vini

Live Band by Bitter&Broke

Founded by Ben Bonnici


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