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Sunday Sessions [11-12-2023]




Welcome back to our weekly open mic for musicians and performers to collaborate through performance and jam.

Sign-up begins at 7:00 and we keep jamming until midnight. 

Tonight’s event was hosted by Latisha, and we are thrilled to have her back!

At OBJX, we are dedicated to cultivating the artistry of our patrons. We now offer memberships, so you can get the most of what this dynamic studio has to offer!

For $40 monthly, our COWORK.MBRSHP allows you to co-work with fellow members in our shared Cafe Space, free access to Sunday Sessions and Wellness Wednesdays, 10% off of studio bookings, and more...

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Lights, camera, action!

Did you know? All performances at OBJX Studio are captured by our audio/visual team providing a high quality performance video that artists can take home with them for only $50! Seeing as how studio, lights, cameras, and a band are all included that is quite a steal!


If you are interested in purchasing your performance video please reach out to us via Instagram @objx.studio with your performance date, time stamp of your performance, and your email.




Tonight, Raamel performed his new song Novelust. Raamel always has an energy when he enters the stage, his excitement igniting the crowd with joy. 

I asked Raamel what his goals are for the next five to ten years and he shared that it’s simply to “inspire people to pursue their dreams”. Being someone who faced aversion as a youngster and was labeled as a “weird child,” he wants to be an icon for these same children, to show them they have what it takes to accomplish their dreams. 

The question of the night goes as this: Who are you, uninterrupted? 
Raamel shares that “My name is Raamel. I believe that love is my foundation. And although Raamel is my actual name, I believe that my name spells out to love.” 


Mahta joins us on stage next to perform two originals, "Maybe We Were Meant To Be" and "Thinking of You." 
This year, they made the jump to apply for grants to record an album. As someone that has worked on many grants, that in itself is a huge accomplishment! Mahta shares that “If I get the grant, I’ll start recording my first album in 2024, to be released in 2025”. 

When thinking of who Mahta is, uninterrupted, she shares that a lot of who she’s become, “things I’ve learned and creativity has come from my barriers and limitations. Especially for me I write about personal experiences and struggles that come from those limitations. If everything is fine then maybe I don’t have anything to write about”. This beautiful sentiment serves as a reminder that we are the product of everything in our lives, the good and the bad. They can not exist without each other. 


Lisa Alli
Lisa performed a cover entitled "My Funny Valentine" Chet Baker, then two originals "Soul Speak" and "Musical Matrimony". Her voice was smooth and radiated impressively through the walls of our studios. 

Lisa is an “all hands on deck,” kind of person, and her goals shared that and more. She shares that in the next five to ten years she will “Career wise, probably grow within my role HR advisory/public service”. She will focus on “More humanitarian causes, travel the world, learn about different cultures and people. Music was never on the horizon but I will have to find a way to incorporate that”. 

Uninterrupted, Lisa is an “old soul, always trying to evolve and adapt to the times, however still staying true to my core values and myself. And honestly my life philosophy is making meaningful connections, to learn and to grow.”


Kashay performed his two original songs entitled "Musical Matrimony" and "Sword-Fighting With Shadows." Kashay and Lisa have an unmistakable identity on stage, their RnB sound sharing love and groove. 

When asked about specific accomplishments, Kashay denounced that idea. He shares that he is “happy to be around for the next five years”.

When asked our question of the night, Kashay has his own wisdom; “I'm not really sure, I feel I’m always interrupted. The good thing about art is that you can use those interruptions as positives, express it and try to understand it.”


Daniel Joe Armstrong
Tonight, Daniel played his original song Pencil TWICE. 

His goal for the next five to ten years is to make 120k a year.

Uninterrupted, Daniel shares he is someone who will “reveal too much about myself, give off unsolicited advice that comes off as criticism, and a womanizer.”


AxR came back to the stage tonight to perform “Twin Sister” and “Slipping.” His next achievement will be to release a song he recently worked on. Then, for the coming years, he wants to be able to sell out at least five shows a year. 

AxR shares that uninterrupted he is:  
“I am… Well, I don't know. My life has been so full of interruptions, I don't know who I am without them. There were a lot of things I went through I wouldn't wish on anyone, but these things aligned me to who I am today.”


Lucas blew away the crowd on guitar tonight, playing for both Daniel and AxR. 

In the next five to ten years, Lucas sees himself achieving “an actuarial science degree. Maybe land a job in insurance, in 10 years absolutely. Write actuary exams, and pass them, maybe even have a band together [referring to his crew tonight]. Have something going on musically to keep the passion alive.”

Uninterrupted, Lucas is a “Guitar-player, I use it for stress. I play in the morning to get the gears going, play while watching tv. Other than guitar,I’m very family oriented, I come from a very musical family. We eat dinner together every day, go to my grandparents every week, see my cousins, we do stuff together.”


Julia Simone & Tai Lee
@thejuliasimone & @tshadez
Julia absolutely blew me away today with her incredible voice and lyrical content. With her friend Tai Lee, they performed her songs "Moving Too Fast" and "Asked For It". In the next five to ten years, they hope to play at a festival with a more robust lineup. 

I asked “Who are you, uninterrupted?” To which they shared:

Tai: Try to bring people a smile, try to bring something to people. If you're uninterrupted, you're doing that 

Julia: Paper bag princess; giving people permission to be themselves by being myself.
Tonight Rob played covers of "Stuck In The Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel and "Impossible" by Travis Scott. 

When asked “What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?” Rob shares “Maybe working for an establishment of some sort.”

And uninterrupted, Rob is himself.

Philo$ophy was a treat to meet. He knows almost every Ed Sheeran song imaginable, and his voice could soothe the wildest storms. For his set, he performed his original "Best" released Oct 25th, and "So Sick" by Neo. 

In the next ten years Philo$ophy hopes to become “ a major artist, more involved than I used to be. As well, careers will go well, to back myself up. The biggest thing is that I hope this dream is going to push off.”

Uninterrupted, Philo$ophy is “a very peaceful man, that just loves the rest of the world, just wants to see the world happy and united.” Also, he finally admits, “I'm Batman”.

While the lights and chairs were swept away at the closing of the night, we continued to jam to Philo$phy’s guitar and passionate songs. What an incredible night!

Thank you to everyone who came out, see you next Sunday!

Love always,


Blog written by Claire Stacey

Photographed by AxR

Event curated by Claire Stacey

Hosted by LaTisha

Founded by Ben Bonnici


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