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First Time Singing at Sunday Sessions

I have been going to Sunday Sessions at OBJX Studios every Sunday since I started interning here at OBJX Studios exactly two months and a week ago today. Every single one has been a joy. The first ones I attended it was easier to get work done. As the time went on, I spend more time listening to the music and dancing than working. I do still get quite a bit of work done though, which is a bit of a surprise to me. The reason I believe that still happens is because I like being here, especially on Sunday nights.

I didn’t have time to eat finish eating dinner as I have to get line two on the subway and then the bus and I don’t like being late. I arrive at the studio and open the door, I think I’m the first one there, however the lights were already on. I go and settle in, but just before that I notice a bag and what looks like someone’s dinner. Thinking it’s Jotam and knowing that he is at Content Day next door, I alert him that I’ve arrived at objx.

I soon find out the items belong to Arrun, at which point I realize I am beyond hungry; I am ravenous. I decide I need to get food. I ask Arrun where to possibly get food. By this time, we exchange phone numbers so I could text him too next time, along with Jotam. I message Jotam to ignore my text. Arrun suggests he might pick up something for me as he is heading out. Just then I thought, perhaps he could drop me at A&W which is not far away and I could walk back in the rain with my umbrella.

Just then Claire comes in and I ask if she wants anything, she is with her friend Logan and she is up for having something too. Logan gives me the money and Arrun and I finally head out. I make it back with the food and two drinks intact. I eat, feel better and realize my dinner would not have given me as much sustenance. On the way to A&W I notice that Alonzo is bringing in his music gear. I later realize he is hosting. He is one of the best musicians I’ve ever heard and handsome to boot. Plus he’s Jamaican, so yu done kno! OBJX has a way of having the most intriguingly cool hosts for Sunday Sessions.

The night is going well, the musicians all sound amazing and we are all having a vibing good time. Then the jam session starts and right away I hear this riff that sounds like Eric Clapton’s After Midnight. However, no one else is hearing it, they are singing everything but that. Alonzo is about to end the jam session, when I impulsively just run up there and request a microphone. He gives it to me and I start: “After midnight, we’re gonna let it all hang out.”

The first thing that strikes me is the last note didn’t come out as I expect it and not in a good way. At least in my mind anyway. As the musicians in the jam session continue playing, I continue singing the same line. Even as the music changes and Alonzo starts rapping to help me out. Then I stop and cannot think of anything else to sing. After about another 30 seconds, I give him the mic and I hear cheering. I am surprised, but not really. That’s how it is on Sunday nights at OBJX Studios. It is love and support without Judgement. It is my favourite thing about it.

People are congratulating me after, I’m shaking like a leaf and I realize singing is hard, getting up on stage is hard. It is all of that, but it is worth it. The reward is greater. Perhaps you want to come out on Sunday night and experience it yourself.
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