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Behind the Scenes at OBJX Studios: A Day in The Life of an Intern

After interning at OBJX studio for over a month, I have come to learn just how much the crew takes on behind the scenes. From event prep to ensuring our clients are well-taken care of, there is never a dull moment.

My day consists of arriving on the 189 at Symes Road and walking the five or so minutes to the warehouse door entrance. Two short flights of stairs lead to the door, a freight elevator is available if needed.

The door to the entrance of the space is a work of art, done by Arrun, as he told me recently. I’ve always loved this piece and was impressed to hear he was the face behind it. It seems everyone at OBJX does some form of art. Just around the corner of the door, I notice two more pieces of art. Check them all out here:

Arriving in the studio, I put down my things, including my personal laptop that I’m using for OBJX Studio work. They are located at the entrance of the studio, behind drawn curtains. The vanity area are close by as well.

I pick up my bag from one of the comfy chairs in the lounge, which is in front of the café and across from a sitting nook that has books and a beautiful chandelier above.

I head into the biggest part of the studio where there is a stage and open space, as well as a section to the right with props. I enter a second nook area with more props for photos and head up the unexpected and small stairs to what I call the perch. From the perch, I get a personal view of the bookings.

During my interview for the position of Marketing intern at OBJX my supervisors mentioned that there were changes the owner, Ben, had made that needed to be transcribed. My first two weeks and even now, has been dedicated to transcribing and taking photos to digitize the notes.

The notes stay in the perch. I go up and set-up, taking out my laptop and tea. I don’t need to bring my own tea; I am always offered a tea or coffee as soon as I get into OBJX. If it’s not Rose, it’s Jotam, Bodeen, Vini or Ben offering me a coffee or tea. It’s lovely 😊.

I chose to bring my own because that’s just me. I usually bring my lunch and thank goodness for Frank at Fuoco Mio, who is there in a pinch. Check out my first blog where I try my fries for the first time!

I dedicate a lot of my time to formatting and uploading photos to our management software but, as we all know, there is so much more involved.

I am also gathering information about other event places and studios in the immediate area and around the GTA. This gives OBJX the opportunity to stem outward and garner partnerships.

For Sunday Sessions, I’m now getting involved by coming up with ideas for the question of the night after performances and interviews. I do information gathering in the lounge those days, since the stage is near the entrance to the perch loft area.

I don’t stay for the whole event, because it’s a bit late on a Sunday night and I take the TTC. However, I love being there and wouldn’t miss it. The vibe is great, I’ve met the coolest musicians and performers. The evening is immersed in art and it’s my jam. I don’t perform, but hopefully I lend to the atmosphere by showing my support and love for the artists.

As well, I get to write these blogs! I’m excited to describe life at OBJX because it is a world I’ve not encountered before. I’ve been to events, but never thought about the space or what it takes to run an film and photography venue.

The other fun thing is that the events that OBJX put on are just as much fun as the ones that they help others showcase. While this requires work, it is gratifying, as I get to see people's artistic visions come to life before my very eyes.

If you enjoy collaborating in a creative space and are interested in booking or joining one of our curated events, you've come to the right place. Peruse our site, and visit our Instagram page @objx.studio. We would love to see you.

Signing off


Blog edited and curated by Claire Stacey.

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