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Sunday Sessions [2023-09-24]




Welcome back to Sunday Sessions, our weekly open mic and jam at OBJX Studio. Hosted tonight with Bodeen and Branko; Sunday Sessions is a home to performers who can expand their artistry through performance and jamming. Sign-up begins at 7pm sharp and we keep grooving until midnight.

As the cool breeze ushers us in and musicians begin to congregate, I pull tonight’s question inward; “What motivates you to create?” From collaboration to validation, there are many responses to music, both internally and outward, that can fuel our creation. Intention is integral, and I urge you as you’re reading to consider your influences.

At OBJX, we are dedicated to cultivating the artistry of our patrons. We now offer memberships, so you can get the most of what this dynamic studio has to offer!

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Lights, camera, action!

Did you know? All performances at OBJX Studio are captured by our audio/visual team providing a high quality performance video that artists can take home with them for only $50! Seeing as how studio, lights, cameras, and a band are all included that is quite a steal!




If you are interested in purchasing your performance video please reach out to us via Instagram @objx.studio with your performance date, time stamp of your performance, and your email.



~Find Claire throughout the night to have your performance featured in our blog~




Starcasters kicked off our evening with the vibrant tunes of her songs “Ugh” and “Neon Star.” When asked, “What motivates you to create?” Starcasters dives into the depth of self-motivation. She emphasizes, “We're responsible for our voices,” highlighting how our unique experiences craft our musical stories. Moreover, the resonance with others fuels her creative drive. Starcasters, inspired by her father, picked up the guitar at 13, starting with the foundational chords G, C, and D. With initial influence from The Beatles, her finger styling is distinct and remarkable.

As for our lighthearted question of the night—'What's your funniest joke?'—Starcasters playfully quips, 'What's the longest word in the dictionary? ‘Smiles’ because there's a mile between two s's.' Her humor shines as brightly as her music, adding a touch of laughter to our evening.


Barbara Efremius


Resounding through the walls of OBJX Studio, Barbara blessed us with powerful covers of “Saving All My Love For You” by Whitney Houston and “All I Ask” by Adele. Visiting all the way from Sweden, I am beyond grateful she could make it to our studio. With influence from Whitney Houston herself, Barbara has always found home in her voice and old songs inspire her creativity.


Peace Spice


Peace Spice joined us tonight to perform original songs “No One Will Remember” and “Living to Love.” From the band, they all had differing answers as to what motivates them to create. Jeyhun shares that it’s "the imminent death," while Nikita says it’s the "desire to leave something behind in history", and Rod says, "I just want somebody to like me." While all different, their answers remind us all of the power of music and creation; to leave an impact on those who dare to listen.




Back with his signature songs, Raamel performed "Kissing In The Car" and "Scarlett Lipstick." When prompted about his creative motivations, Raamel shares that when he was growing up he was considered the “weird child” and felt estranged, but music was what centered him and made him feel safe and at home. He went on to participate in competitions that required him to perform, and it alighted his passion that sticks to this day.

“Now if I’m stressed, motivated, happy, I’m always creating.”

Since finding this deep connection with music, he says that his main goal in creating is to connect to people and have his music be their safe space, too.


Las Empanadas Mas Ricas

No Sunday Sessions is complete without the presence of our beloved vendor, Eva! For over a month now, she has been delighting our enthusiastic crowd with her culinary creations well into the evening. Offering an array of delectable flavors including pulled pork, chicken, beef, cheese, and lactose-free options, Eva ensures there's a delightful empanada to satisfy every palate.

Her journey in the empanada business began in July of last year, initially taking personal orders before swiftly expanding to cater events and handle larger orders. Eva has become a cherished weekly vendor, a fixture not only at OBJX's Sunday Sessions but also at Open Concepts every Tuesday.

For more information about these empanadas, visit her Instagram page at @lasempanadasmasricas




Our lovely host, Bodeen, performed two demos entitled “Hallucinations” and “143.” Bodeen’s radiant energy vibrates through the studio, her songs evoking emotion and movement. She finds her motivation to create from “The people around me who inspire me by leading by example, and my fans who encourage me to keep creating, and my family who always support me!”

Her best joke is: What’s the difference between a first bus stop and a lobster in a push-up bra?

One’s a crusty bus station and the other is a busty crustacean!


Brad Peters

Playing his original songs "Wait For The Rain" and "Yet I Breathe" for the first time on stage, Brad Peters made a lasting impression. Between California and Toronto, Brad finds his main motivation through the mentorship of others. He shares his love for writing music, and in his free time helps musicians to write music. He shares that music has been ingrained in his life since 14 years old. Beginning with his discovery of The Beatles, he became especially interested in their ability to emote through lyrics. “They are the best of everything.”


Delo Bright


In celebration of his EP “Mrs. Toxic” coming out in October, Delo Bright performs his songs "All Women Are Toxic" and "Northside Blues." Delo finds his motivation through the trials of life, letting his own experience inspire his lyrics. His voice is soulful and defined, a testament to his dedication to his craft.

Delo's joke for the night is heard much better live. Go listen to our live video starting: 1:53:48!


SMG Skillz


Soon after, SMG Skills performed for the first time live "Cold Summer" and "Hit My Line." SMG has been coming out to our Sessions for months, and the crowd was elated to finally see him on stage (and more, we hope!). He finds his motivation through life experience and heartbreak, and you can hear this resonated through his released EP Mr Heartbreak.

His riddle of the night:

“What falls and doesn't need a bandage?



Alex Doktor


Next up, Alex Doktor performed an original entitled "Otherside" and "Hurricane" by 30 Seconds To Mars. Alex Doktor emanates true connection tonight, engaging with each performer and delving deeper into their artistry. When asked about his own creative process, he takes his time responding. “It’s hard to say,” he shares, “it's just internal. It comes to me. But for me, it's just always like that. To captivate, create, innovate.” He recognizes stuff he has to work on but he’s learning to apply his knowledge to things he likes and enjoys.


Daniel Joe Armstrong


Back again with new classics, Daniel Joe Armstrong performed "She Looks So Perfect" by 5 Seconds Of Summer and "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake. Daniel attributes his motivation to the artists he’s immersed in; the music he plays brings nostalgia and catharsis, and he aims to pay the joy he’s found in their music forward.


Bodeen starts off our jam, and Peace Spice plays our backline! Featuring Daniel Joe Armstrong on drums and vocals, Claire Stacey, Delo Bright, Branko, and more on the mic. Our night ended with soulful songs amongst friends.

Thank you to everyone that came out, we’ll see you next Sunday!

Love always,


Blog written by Claire Stacey

Photographed by Claire Stacey

Event curated by Vini & Bodeen

Live Band by Bitter&Broke

Founded by Ben Bonnici


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