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Sunday Sessions [2023-10-29]

Another Sunday Session completed, hosted by Zomo. Our weekly open mic and jam at OBJX Studio is a home to performers to show off their performance and jamming skills. This Oct 29, 2023 session was particularly chill.



Zomo kicked us off with a sweet rendition of Bob Marley’s "Redemption Song". When asked about the inspiration behind the performance, Zomo shared his connection to his Jamaican roots, revealing Bob Marley's influence as a personal family friend. During the Q&A session, Zomo revealed that music, and the ability to play an instrument whenever possible, served as crucial through his toughest times.


Meet Patrick, the soulful musician with a passion for biking. Despite a challenging incident where he broke his elbow getting caught in a streetcar track, Patrick found solace in his love for music and playing the guitar. He shared, "Music and playing an instrument helped me get through my injury." Tonight, he enchanted us with his heartfelt guitar performance, showcasing the healing power of music during tough times.

Mark Anthony


Next up was the talented artist, Mark Anthony, who graced the stage with his incredible renditions of "Higher" by Rihanna and "Mary, Did You Know." Mark Anthony found strength in the unwavering support of his friends and family from Barbados, Bahamas, and Canada, all of whom were present to cheer him on tonight.

During the Q&A session, Mark Anthony shared the touching stories behind his song choices. "Higher" was inspired by a friend's quest to impress a girl, with Mark Anthony's soulful rendition ultimately winning her heart. In the case of "Mary, Did You Know," he revealed how the Christmas season evoked the importance of the bonds that connect us all, infusing his performance with profound emotion.

Boi Blew


Tonight, Boi Blew took the stage and performed two incredible songs, "Fall Down" and "All Good." When asked how he stays strong during tough times, Boi Blew admitted that while a joint might offer some relief, it's the love and support of his family and friends that truly help him through.

During the Q&A, Boi Blew shared that his songs offer a different view of the Bahamas, one that goes beyond the usual sunny beaches. His music paints a unique picture of the Bahamas, showing a side that many might not have seen before.

John Padillo


Tonight, John Padillo took the stage and shared a personal journal entry. When asked how he copes during tough times, John revealed that journaling has been his saving grace. He started as a way to process his childhood experiences and found freedom in expressing his thoughts and feelings. Initially a nighttime habit, it has now become a morning routine, helping him navigate life's challenges.

As for his performance, John wanted to try something different and chose to share one of his journal entries with the audience. It was a unique and personal glimpse into his life. Stay tuned for more insights into John's creative process and the stories behind his heartfelt journal entries. ✍️✨

Harish Mohan

Ig: @Moksha_shot

YouTube: Harish Mohan

Tonight, Harish Mohan took the stage and performed two original songs, "Tribe" and "Navraga." When asked about his resilience during tough times, Harish shared that honesty has proven useful. Being truthful, especially in difficult situations, allowed him to identify the root causes of his problems, often found within himself.

As for his performance, Harish drew inspiration from divinity and the creative energy that is available to those who are open to it. His songs were a result of tapping into this wellspring of creativity. Stay tuned for more insights into Harish's musical journey and the stories behind his soulful tunes.

Brad Peters & Rain Lucena


In their Sunday performance, Brad Peters and his daughter, Rain Lucena, delivered a heartfelt rendition of songs, including their original track "Loving You Isn't Easy" and a cover of "Habits" by Tove Lo. When asked about how they cope during challenging times, Rain shared that her family, particularly her brothers, have been her support system through difficult situations. Brad chimed in, mentioning his personal mantra: reminding himself that each new day brings improvement. Their music not only showcases their talent but also reflects their strong bond and resilience, reminding us of the power of family during tough times.



Dave performed two songs, "Too Close" and "You Never Need Nobody" by The Lone Bellow. When asked how he coped during tough times, he shared that music, along with the support of friends, family, and community, helped him navigate his challenges. Dave emphasized the importance of human connection, stating that we can overcome difficulties, especially when we face them together. His message reminds us of the strength found in unity and the power of leaning on one another during hard times.



Joshtheloser delivered a powerful performance, showcasing three captivating songs: "Rage," "Monsoon," and "Goodbye." Reflecting on his most challenging moments, he found solace in isolation and self-discovery. During the introspective period of the COVID pandemic, joshtheloser embraced self-reflection, allowing him to become more comfortable with his own identity. This newfound confidence made socializing with others easier, marking a transformative journey of self-acceptance and personal growth.



Rvky, the talented artist, took the stage tonight, delivering a captivating performance featuring his original compositions, including "How It Goes," "The Harder They Come," and a heartfelt freestyle. When asked about his resilience during difficult times, Rvky shared a poignant insight, saying, "I have this thing with this girl. Coming here gets my mind off you. You feel so much better about yourself because you realize, 'Why am I tripping over her?'" This heartfelt sentiment echoed the therapeutic power of his music, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and personal growth. Rvky's performance not only showcased his musical prowess but also highlighted the emotional depth and authenticity of his work.

Daniel Joe Armstrong


Daniel Joe Armstrong took the stage tonight, where he not only impressed the audience with his musical talents but also showcased his original composition, "Pencil," alongside a heartfelt rendition of "Nerve" by The Story So Far. When asked about his source of resilience during difficult times, Daniel emphasized the significance of conversing with friends and family. Their support, coupled with open communication, helped him navigate life's challenges. Daniel's performance was a testament to the therapeutic power of music and the importance of a strong support system.

We had a great night! Thank you to everyone who came out and see you all next Sunday!

Signing off!

- Daniel Joe Armstrong

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